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Plastic Planet
Posted by: Vesna Ivkovic in: Thoughts

About forty years ago, a certain number of conscientious people realized that people started to destroy the planet by adjusting the nature to the commercial needs. So in 1972 they gathered on the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in Stockholm. The conference mostly dealt with the topic of preserving biological diversity. Although it has been a lot of time since then, nothing has changed drastically in the domain of empowering the ecological awareness.

Let us start with the basic question, what is important for every social community?
The psychological profile of a nation is shown through ecology, as well as the relationship that the nation will have towards nature. More and more companies will be forced to advance in ecological management. However, nowadays, ecological questions are not the problems of certain countries, they are the problem not only for every country or a company, but also for every individual.
First of all, food production depends on the access to water, because in order for the seeds to sprout, moist land and water are required. The increase in temperature leads to faster water evaporation, which is quite stressful for the land, so the usual food production is questionable. The food production will be more and more affected by higher temperatures, which means that John Replogle was right when he once said: You can't live healthy life on sick planet.

Nowadays, we have "plastic" oceans filled with plastic bottles that float on them. Alongside with them, there are cigarette butts floating as well. The consequences are catastrophic. For example, only one cigarette but is manufactured from the plastic body, i.e. microbeads. Microbeads are present everywhere (for example, in chewing gums, toothpaste, face exfoliators, and a number of products that can be found in bathroom, synthetic wardrobe-latex, spandex etc. ). Birds that swallow chewing gum thrown in the street end up dying. Due to the increase in temperature oceans are getting warmer, which affects decreasing oxygen production by planktons. Excessive fishing has drastically reduced the number of fish population.

That reminds me of an ancient story, when in one fishermen's village all food had ran out, that is, all the fish that represented the basic food supply for people living in that fishermen's village. Fishermen used to bring the food to a certain place, and the first to eat were pregnant women, then older, younger, children, and it continued in that order. At one point, the food ran out, and they all began to die, so the fishermen had to sail farther in order to find the fish. They began to die of hunger, but none of them wanted to eat the fish. They continued leaving it at the same place, on the table, and then continued with the previous order of feeding. It seems to me that due to the destruction of ocean ecosystems, in some places, exactly this might happen. Irrational ratio of excessive fishing, as well as the increase of plastics that could be seen almost everywhere you go, have horrific consequences to the sea world.

I find it very important to raise ecological awareness in every place. That is the reason I write this blog, realising how much the human civilization is focused on consuming, with high level of aggressiveness towards the nature. The problem of water is not the only one. There is also the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere, disposal of toxic waste, the effect of human factor to biological diversity, noise in cities, nuclear energy management etc. I believe that every individual is important, and that just by expressing the opinion we can make a lot of difference for social community. I hope that everyone can make his or her own humble contribution.

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