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Smart city in the Arizona desert
Posted by: Vesna Ivkovic in: Thoughts

The concept of "smart cities" has existed for a long time, but very few people will decide to build such a city in a desert. One of the people who was brave enough and dared to make that move was Bill Gates, who plans to build a Smart City in the Arizona desert. This will probably be the first step that will pave the way for futuristic technology. The empty space now can be turned into the futuristic dreams. The futuristic settlement Belmont will be built by Bill Gates` s investment company Belmont Partners. According to the data from Belmont Partners, Gates invested USD 80 million in the construction of the smart city. How will the Smart City look like? The creation of sustainable community is planned, whose integration will be in progress and will be based on high technological improvements. For example, there will be autonomous vehicles in the streets, modern and innovative schools will be built, as well as data centres, industrial and business facilities for rent etc. The ecology plays a key role in the development of the smart city concept. Sustainable cities based on technological improvements and the building of "smart network" will offer better energy and water supply, improved public transport, and the electronic administration services is the major feature that distinguishes smart cities. The information about the commencement of construction have not been known yet.

Considering that the number of population in the cities increases, the question of the city development strategy based on the smart city concept arises. You can find more about this project of the smart city in Arizona at the following link: Smart City.

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