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The Fair Of Technics and Technical Achievements (UFI) 2018
Posted by: Vesna Ivkovic in: Thoughts


International Fair of Technics and Technical Achievements was this year held in Belgrade under the slogan "A Step into the Future" (from 21 May to 25 May). 600 exhibitors from 30 countries participated, presenting technical and technological trends in the field of the newest industrial technologies, so called "Industry 4.0".

Attending this year`s fair, I cannot ignore the personal positive impression that the fair made on me. Although there were less participants at the this year`s fair, I noticed the higher quality of the exhibitors` offer.
Happening under the slogan "A Step into the Future", the fair fully justified its title. There were a lot of new, interesting things to see, starting from innovative tools, robotics, a machine for three-dimensional robot projecting, optical measurement system, process technology, electronics, information and communication technologies, materials, water purification devices, innovative packaging, machines and equipment for industrial packaging and many other interesting novelties.

The biggest impression was made on me by the robot Yaskawa, a product of TipTech Company, which has the ability to carry out complex industrial operations in complex materials with incredible precision, as well as innovative improvements in the area of innovative 3D technology systems by the Solfins Company. Of course, there are also the filters for efficient cleaning of cisterns, by the Henlich Company, innovative scanners for bars by Solfins Company, and the thing that was also interesting was a small robotic hand which solves a Rubik`s Cube. Also, the robot Dinosaur drew much attention from the children, looking realistic while opening and closing its huge jaws. By inspiring the visitors of the fair with creativity, through extraordinary combination of open entrepreneurial minds from all over the world, the fair proved to be successful.

The special substantiality to the fair was given by educational courses held by Solfins 3D Company, seminars on Production 4.0 - Concepts of applying new technologies in production, and examples from the practice in Serbia.

It is estimated that the total value of closed deals during the fair is up to several million euros, as reported by the media. Of course, the main goal of the fair was presenting new products and establishing new business contacts.

There were also stalls with scientific and professional books at the fair, which should not be neglected. There were a lot of top quality computer literature by publishing house CET, which follows the newest world trends, as well as other books about renewable energy sources, ecology, art, biotechnology and energetics by the publishing house AGM book, and by other interesting publishing houses.

All in all, the huge arched dome decorated with bright lights above the entire fair made me feel like I was a participant in the "Star Wars" serial. I left the fair inspired by the creative energy and this fair represents one of the most creative unforgettable days. I will definitely visit this fair again next year.



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