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Second Edition
Publication Date: August 5, 2016.
ISBN: 978-86-80610-02-3

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Creative entrepreneurship: knowledge for entrepreneurship business

What does this book contain?

It contains basic knowledge of great importance for those who want to start or expand their own private business. Also there are pieces of advice on how to use the available capital and initiate the qualitative investment programme.
The book serves as a course book for starting and managing shops, agencies, small and medium enterprises. So, it represents the essential "economy of knowledge" which will imnprove your business.

The last decade brought series of big global changes, which required the writing of the second, revised edition of this book. Globalization and intensifying of the development of the electronic trading in the new digital era improved the importance and the role of creative industries, which will, among other things, be discussed about in this book.

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