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Publication Date: May 13, 2016.
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Tax havens and offshore business: Doing business through tax havens

This book discusses tax havens - countries or parts of countries (territories) in which tax rules and regulations allow a minimum effective tax burden. The first part of book defines basic terms related to offshore business and offshore companies.

An overview of tax havens is given, with information about 38 tax havens in the world, from famous and prestigious British Virgin Islands, Switzerland and Monaco, to exotic Cayman Islands, and all the way to less famous ones, such as Nauru, Niue, Samoa, Gibraltar, Cyprus, Panama and others.Other half of the book researches activities of offshore companies and types of transactions.

Through this book you are going to find out all about tax havens and what is all necessary for a country to become a tax haven. You are going to learn important information about businesses of big British multinational companies as beneficiaries of tax haven services.
You are going to learn everything about procedures in starting offshore companies, documentation that needs to be filed and establishing offshore businesses, as much as about offshore banking, tax planning, hedge funds and many other matters related to offshore business.
The most important thing you are going to learn from this book is how to protect your assets, reduce taxes and make your business more economical.

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